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Seffa Trichoplax

Posted on May 26, 2016 in Character Concept/Design, Trichoplax

I have conviced Halli Lillburn to do some writing for me. Already she has helped me a load with character development. She’s asked me the right questions, and prodded me in good directions. Seffa’s character is a very good example of this. One particular aspect is that Seffa will need a musical instrument. I watched a lot of youtube videos of...

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Something Special

Posted on Jun 4, 2014 in Character Concept/Design, Doodles/Sketches

Post number 300 sure snuck up on me! I’ve been meaning to do something special… This’ll have to do. I had a good friend (Bryce Bezooyen) whip up some concepts for me six or so years ago. I’ve always intended trichoplax to be able to get stronger and stronger. Here are two versions of Leem in trichoplax form. I still can’t seem...

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