Commissions can be considered illustration. The difference is that commissions are smaller one-off projects. It could be that you want a cartoon portrait of a friend as a gift, or you want me to draw your DnD character.

When you have looked through my pricing below please contact me.

I’ve broken my pricing down. I don’t yet have examples of each just yet, but I will add them as I have time.



Includes face(s) and shoulders. If I am making it look like a specific person you will need to provide reference.

$25 + $10/extra character


If you want more than just the shoulders and up, I will charge as a full character (just because their legs are hidden behind a couch doesn’t mean I cut the price)

$50 + $20/additional character

Specified Props

If you specifically want the character holding or interacting with props, you will need to specify what.

+$5-$20 depending on the complexity

Dynamic Pose

I may consider it dynamic if it is anything outside of casual sitting or standing. If you are worried that it falls under dynamic, then it probably is. You can feel free to sway me, but the decision ultimately falls to me.

+ $15/posed character

Complex Costume

If the costume has all sorts of fiddly bits it may be considered complex. It also depends on how much detaile you want me to put into it.

+ $10-$20 depending


Simple Scene

This is for a background that is more than just a solid colour. This can include simple objects/furniture in the foreground.

+ $10-$25

Full Scene

You’ll know if what you want is simple or full.

+ $50

Crowd of Extras

These are characters that add to the scene. They won’t be too complex, and you won’t be specifying who they are. You will give me a theme and I will decide what to do with them.

+ $25-$35 depending