Graphic Recording

What Is It?

Graphic Recording is the act of transcribing ideas, information and discussions, using text and images, all done in real-time.

When and where is it usually used?

Conventions, corporate events or public events when a speaker is sharing or explaining information. Group discussions, planning sessions or training meetings. Graphic recording is sometimes used in conjunction with a facilitator.

How can this benefit your organization?

It can help convey the message, organize ideas, illustrate data. It can be used to organize ideas, work through problems, or simplify concepts. It gets people talking and collaborating and thinking creatively. The illustrative nature of graphic recording helps with information comprehension and retention. The final image can be used as an aid for re-sharing the information, or used as a reference/reminder quicker than bullet-point notes. When event attendees can go home with a digital copy, they get extra value… encouraging them to remember and share what they learned.


What Does It Cost?

Full Day and Multiple Days: $800/day. When the event spans more than one day half days are counted as full. If your event is only half a day, but I have to travel more than an hour it will be counted as a full day.

Half day event: $400 (Local to the Lethbridge area only)

1 Hour event: $200+ (depending on your needs. Also local area only)

Travel and Accommodations will be added to the fee.