Leem 004I’ve been calling this character Leem for about 6 years now. At first he was 10-11 years old, but now he’s 16-17ish. He’ll be the one to make waves. It isn’t because he wants to be a rebel/troublemaker. It’s because just can’t sit still when things aren’t as they should be. He’s not even a loud-mouth. Rather than spout his opinion he just gets to work.

His people are not humans. I’ve always said that I wanted to keep this story completely free of humans, but I want the main characters to be easy to read. If their facial anatomy is completely foreign then it makes translating their expressions more difficult. I should dig up some of the old concepts one of these days. I tried all sorts of things from antennae to tails. I even had some with very who-ish noses/upper lip. In the end I decided that they don’t have hair. It’s actually very fine feathers/plumage. Also they come in a rainbow of skin/hair/eye colours. They also have big ears and noses.