mammalThingbody mammalThingFaceI’ve got a project that I’ve been tinkering with since 2005. I’ve doodled this as a concept for one of the characters. She doesn’t have a name or even a personality yet. But I wanted a playful athletic look. I wanted a mane to hint at an inner ferocity, and yet be able to show as a feminine hairdo. Plus I liked how it framed her face. The sketch came first. A few days later I used the mane as an excuse to practice digital painting. Next time I come back to this character I’ll figure out what style of clothes she wears. The story requires that she shows up in a space-suit. I’m pretty sure she and her companion(s) will get down to their regular clothes once they know the atmosphere is safe. The Fat Ladybug was a concept I liked for one of the companions.