What have we been up to recently?

Where None Dare Tread

Doodling treads this morning. How would a single-tread vehicle function. Probably not very well, but it is a fun visual.


Yet another quick sketch. Not much time today.

Little Surveillance Bot

Still messing around with painting on the iPad. I have downloaded the program I need for linking it to the desktop computer, I just need to go out and buy the specific cable for...

Fish Head

Messing around with sketching on my iPad. This drawing started out with a fish shape, but I decided to turn it into a head. It was drawn using Sketchbook. My characters last week were drawn using Infinite Painter. I liked the watercolour brushes on that one, but i...

Didsbury Chalk Art 2018

This past weekend I was up in Didsbury making more chalk art. I initially planned on doing something dinosaur related, but then I thought of a pun... I could not resist. There were a few chuckles and a few groans. This was a 10x10 foot piece. The speech bubbles and...

Terrific Trio

Every once in a while I DM a game of Dungeons & Dragons for the wife and kids. The kids love pretending. These are their characters. The tallest is Kayleth, an elven priest/healer. On the left is Blue-Scale the kobold wizard. On the right is Bubbles the fish-person...

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