iceCreamRocket“To Coldly Go Where No Penguin Has Gone Before!”

This morning my son told me that he had a dream about penguins riding on ice-cream. This is my interpretation.

This took me about an hour. After the initial sketch in Painter12, I used the liquid ink for the lines, and then the real2B for the colouring. The flames were done by laying down red, orange, yellow and white, then I used a smudger to spread them around. The smudger was set to pick up underlying colours. Otherwise when it hits an empty space it just adds white. In this case the background was black, so the edges of the flames are actually black. When I set the layer to screen it basically omits the black parts and treats the colours as semi-transparent. For the stars I used a variant of the pepper spray tool. (it’s in the airbrush category)