Graphic Recording

The purpose of Graphic Recording is to add value to your event. We use simple notes, representative images, and information organization to support learning and communication.

If you’ve ever been to a conference and noticed a person off to the side with markers and a big sheet of paper, you’ve probably witnessed graphic recording in action. (even if you didn’t know what to call it)

Full Day and Multiple Days: $800/day. When the event spans more than one day half days are counted as full. If your event is only half a day, but I have to travel more than an hour it will be counted as a full day.

Half day event: $400 (up to 5 hours)

Travel and Accommodations will be added to the fee.

Included in the fee: I will take pictures of the final images, clean them up digitally, and provide you with the digital files.


To see a few examples of my graphic recording click here