Author: Greta Vigil, Illustrator: Carson Morton

You’ve written a fun children’s story. Now all you need is an illustrator make the pictures as good as your writing! Well, I aim to deliver!

Before I begin work you will need to decide a few things:

  • Page dimensions
  • Resolution
  • File format for delivery
  • Rendering style


There are a number of milestones that we will work through. Some will depend on the rendering style you choose*.

  • Concept Images
  • Refined Drawings
  • Inking*
  • Flat Colours*
  • Shadows and Highlights*
  • Painting*


You may also have the opportunity to give me feedback along the way. You need to be happy with the end result. I can make revisions as needed.

Jack and the beanstalk

Jack And The Beanstalk. Retold by Justin Holladay and Carson Morton. Illustrated by Carson Morton

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