King Of The Bears

So you want a poster with beautiful cartoon artwork? You would like it printed on silk-cloth canvas for durability? And you want it to be a one-of-a-kind illustration that you helped design? You also want someone special to be part of the picture?

You certainly are in the right place! Here are two examples that I created for a previous client. “King Of The Bears” and “The Ladybug Parade” star his children, each on their own adventure. (This was after a previous commission that he loved so much he came back for more)


The Ladybug Parade

Here is how we can work together:

Concept – I will help you brainstorm, and we will decide on a concept. You will be able to help me choose a colour pallet that I will work from. Also provide me with a list of the individuals that will be in the illustration.

Reference – You will need to provide me with photos of our subjects. I have to know what they look like, after all. I will also spend time gathering reference images for the rest of the scene.

Rough Drawing – I will make the initial drawings and give them a first pass at the colour scheme. I will share the image with you for feedback.

Refine Drawing – Using your feedback, I will tweak the faces until you are happy with the resemblance. This is a good time to play with the colours and other details of the rough illustration.

Finished Drawing – When you have approved I will ink and colour the image in my unique style. Again I will share the image with you.

Printing and Delivery – If you love the image (and I guarantee you will or your money back) then I will have it printed off and shipped to you.

I will be able to show a low-rez, watermarked version of the image in my portfolio, but I will not reprint/resell it to anyone else. Your Illustrated poster will be the only one of its kind.


I would love to discuss your vision with you. You may use the contact form below to reach me.

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