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well enough alone

sketch of a character inspired by a fat ladybug

fatLadybug02Well, I couldn’t leave him alone. Here is a second iteration of the fat ladybug. He’s done completely in Painter12¬†using my intuos4. I started with a line sketch, then shaded him in using the rough conte tool. Then I added colour using the real 2B pencil tool. I’m still tinkering with the brush settings, so I can’t say what settings I used on all of these.

I felt he needed some ears. He’s not actually a ladybug, just inspired by one. The characters are more alien/monster sort of things. I want to avoid actual humans for this project. (not that I have anything against you humans out there) I thought about giving him suspenders to keep up his jeans, but I felt they got in the way of his spots and folds. That’s the same reason I didn’t give him a shirt.

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