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Yesterday I said I would try a painting technique in photoshop. Again I planned on using an old sketch. My only problem is that I find painting in photoshop infuriating… It has some good stuff, but the tools that I want to use the most are the ones I dislike. (I don’t like photoshop’s smudge tool) I have run out of time for sketching today. I have actual work that needs done. I am not at all happy with the painting results, but I will post the original sketch:

twerktanI drew this guy using pencil and paper. This was done back when I was in school. It is sometimes frustrating looking back at old work because I am currently rusty on my anatomy. In the original sketch he has hands for feet and a tail. I made this into a 3d model and gave him real feet and no tail in the process. I think I even got rid of the hair on top…

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