Blog Doodles/Sketches

mammal girl again

mammal girl thing 003I started this yesterday and wanted to colour it in today. This character is to be the companion of the fat ladybug guy. I think I’ll keep it to just the two of them. I changed her colour scheme so that the fat ladybug could keep the orange-red/blackish-purple colours. I didn’t want her to be orange/purple too. I chose the green hair to contrast with the orange-red on the other guy. The slightly purplish-pink face/belly contrasts a little with both the green hair and yellow body.

I still like the furry/puffy hands with just the tips of the fingers sticking out. Her design solidified faster, but I still like the goofiness of the fat ladybug. We will be seeing him again.

As usual, this was done in Painter. I sketched the lines on one layer. On a second layer (with overlay set to ‘gel’) I coloured it in.

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