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new Scientist and old Nerd

scientistI doodled this with the liquid ink in Painter12. I didn’t do a preliminary sketch like I normally do.characature005-sketch

This was a sketch I did several years ago. Done about the same time as this. Done on paper with a pencil. Most likely a mechanical pencil. Mechanical pencils are actually my preferred sketching tool in real life. I never really found I liked those animator pencils. Even when doing life drawing I prefer them. Give me my trusty old zebra 0.5 mm. They don’t make them the same anymore. The new ones are mostly plastic… “Back when I was your age…”characature005-ink

I decided to ink it in Painter12 today. I’m actually quite happy with the result. I am getting more of a feel for it. As always being able to undo and erase is great. You start taking it for granted… until you’re working with real media and make a mistake and realize you have no ctrl+z.characature005-colour

When I coloured him in I used a variant of the real2B pencil. When I use a larger version of it, it feels like working with chalk, except with softer edges.

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Animator pencils are used for classical (hand drawn) animation. They are used in animation for two reasons. 1: They come in different colours. This allows the animator to differentiate between different characters, or parts of a character. The more complex the animation, the easier it is to get confused about what lines belong to what object/character. 2: The lead is harder than your average pencil. This keeps the lines from getting too dark. When you are cleaning up the drawing you will make dark lines with a different type of pencil, and the lighter sketching won’t compete with the dark clean lines. It also keeps the lines from getting smudged.


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