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DinoRide Progress Report 3

dinoRide.005 I have finished working on the dinosaur for now. I’ll start in on the boys next. I’m really enjoying how this picture is turning out.

Since yesterday I have been painting right on top of the single layer. Painter12 has a canvas layer on the bottom. I try not to paint on that so that I can always put another layer under what I’m working on. Once I have my base colours and shading I use the “real2B pencil” to refine the overall look. I use my trusty smudger (a variant of the “grainy water” tool) to smooth the colours out and mix them in. It gives it nice transitions and distinctive brush strokes at the same time. I’ll add in highlights and shadows and smudge as needed. The final highlights are not smudged in. The edges are defined with a darker colour. Once I’m done everything I’ll go back and erase the mess outside the edges. Other details are added as needed. Here is a closer look at the head/neck so you can see some of what I’m referring to.dinoRide.005-detail

I keep saving as newer versions in case I really foul things up and want to go back to an earlier version. Sometimes the undo command just isn’t enough. To post the pictures I save as a jpeg and scale it down. That saves on file size on the webpage. Once I’ve got the final thing I’ll save it as a full size version so that I can add it to my portfolio.

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