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Speaking of Thumbs…

treeI can’t claim to have a green thumb… yet. I spent most of my day yesterday working out in our yard. There is a lot of work to be done. So far I have raked up at least 10 big garbage bags of pine needles, and I ended up with 2 big bags of clippings after mowing. We have a big yard. That’s one of the perks in small towns. I have a yard, but not much of a lawn. A number of years/owners ago there was a huge garden that took up most of the yard. It was never really re-seeded, and it’s mostly weeds and dandelions. We will be spraying the whole yard this fall. By spring the roots will all be dead and soft. We will rototill everything, smooth it out, and then re-seed. A neighbor suggested trying to graft some fresh branches into the apple trees. The trees are about 50 years old, and past their best growing days.

Todays sketch was a quick one. I just used the real 2B pencils in Painter12.

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