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Dragon Feathers

dragon-featheredRecently I’ve been hearing from old friends that have dug out some of my old drawings. One says she found a dragon that I drew for her. Now her oldest is drawing dragons. I am proud of that. I have inspired a child to draw dragons! That’s why I felt like drawing a dragon today. Yes, those are feathers on his head. I actually was thinking about giving him feathered wings.

Painter 12 from start to finish. Several variants of the real2B tool were used. 3 layers: sketch, shade, colour.

Speaking of old stuff. I have another blog. It’s really out of date, and to be honest it’ll probably never get updated again. But it has some of my old 3D stuff. Go check it out here…

Also I hooked this up to my facebook and twitter accounts. Let’s see if it worked… publishing post in… 3… 2… 1…

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