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Another Birthday

birthday-LiamThis is for my Son’s birthday. I can’t wait until we get to show him the gift we bought him! I am hoping to get home from work by 5:00 or 6:00. At least I got to see him and tell him happy birthday this morning before I left.

My mom still complains that none of her grandkids were born on her birthday. My wife was a day late with my son, and my Brother’s wife was a day early with the triplets. The three oldest are probably done having kids, so my younger brother and his wife have the last shot.

I did a preliminary sketch for the word layout. I used liquid ink for the black lines. Under that layer I painted the flat colours. I duplicated the flat layer twice to make: a ‘multiply’ layer for the shadows, and a ‘screen’ layer for the highlights. I turned on preserve transparency and painted the multiply layer white and the screen layer black. Multiply layers take how black it is and make the underlying colours that much darker. Screen layers do the opposite by taking how white the layer is and brightening the underlying colours. Then I painted grey into the multiply layer where I wanted the shadows, and white into the screen layer where I wanted highlights.

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