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Pear Shaped

fatLadybug05-alternateI wanted to give this design another sketch. Here it is with a quick colour scheme. I kept the arm count to two this time, and I like it better. I might change the costume a bit because I am thinking of using a variation of this design for a grandfather/scientist character. If you’ve ever hung out with me and gotten me talking about “Trichoplax” you may know which grandfather/scientist I’m talking about.

To be honest I came the point with a few friends where I told them that I wasn’t allowed to talk about Trichoplax anymore. If provoked I can easily talk about this project for hours on end, and it seemed like that’s all I ended up doing when hanging out with friends. I’ve been building the world/story/rules for almost 8 years now. There have been numerous revisions to parts of the back-story.

I’m not actively working on it right now, other than sketching characters. Before I really get back into it I have one other project I am going to finish first.

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