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doodles004Today is another ink doodle day. There is a character named Bob here. He’s the guy at the tip of the cat ear. I had a series of drawings titled “the Adventures of Bob”. In every drawing something terrible would be happening to him. I made a short animated clip back in grade 8. It was Bob being smashed by an anvil. That was the first animation I ever did. I don’t think I ever got a copy of it, and it’s probably lost forever. Even the original drawings are gone. I used clear sheets of plastic on an overhead projector. I used dry erase markers so that I could give the plastic sheets back to the school. I used a teachers video camera taped to a tripod looking down on the overhead machine.

I’m going to be doing some more work on that book cover. Sometimes you just can’t seem to get something to look right. But avoiding it won’t make it go away. My goal for today is to tackle the characters hair and get it to look fantastic. I may have to do some google trolling to find good examples of the drawing style and the doo style.

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