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Brushing Progress 2

dinosaurBrushing.004This is about another 2 hours work on this illustration. I have finished the dinosaur. Up next: the background. The walls will look like a cave, but the shower/sink/mirror will look modern.

I definitely have dinosaurs on the brain. I had a dream about them last night. It was pretty intense. It was like revenge of Jurassic Park. It started innocent enough with a brontosaurus and little salamander-like dinosaurs. The little ones could talk for some reason. At one point I had a raptor by the tail (the new feathered version, by the way) and it was chasing me over/under a table. When I was below the table and it was on top it suddenly got eaten by a T-rex. Then I was trying to get my family into the safety of the basement while the T-rex was destroying the house.

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