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Candy Buttons

5diceButtonsI always want to spell “shiny” as “shiney”. Just one of those words I guess. Anyway, it’s always fun to make some shiny eye candy. Graphics that make you want to lick your screen… mmmmm… delicious pixels…

I’m unable to use my Wacom tablet today, so I’m posting some of the UI buttons that I’m making for MathFileFolderGames. We are re-skinning their game “5 Dice”.

When I’m doing buttons and stuff like this I don’t use Painter. It’s all done with the mouse in Photoshop. (I have CS3) It’s all vector layers, 13 to be precise. Each layer has a purpose and a layer style to get the colours and reflections. Only two layers actually show their fill colour, that’s the light blue I use for the metal collar, and the base colour for the button.

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