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One Day As A Hobo

So my day job is to basically drive a lawyer from point A to point B, wait around until the lawyer is done his lawyer stuff, then drive back to point A. Today I was literally hanging out in a park and wandering the streets of Calgary from about 8:30AM to about 5:30PM. I’m glad it was a nice day, but I didn’t take my laptop with me, and I couldn’t get any internet on my iPod touch, even though there were a score of wireless networks nearby.

I didn’t slack off though! I had my sketchbook and I did a lot of drawing. This was one of the first. It’s a building that was attached to the park I was in.IMG_0060

I did a few sketches from my imagination.IMG_0062 IMG_0067 IMG_0068

I did a few sketches “loosely based” on people I saw in the park and on the street.IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065

Hands down, this is my favorite one from the day. I will definitely be giving it a digital ink and colour treatment another day. It was practice for the zombie western. I’m still deciding exactly what style I want to use. I’m thinking that a little bit of caricature is good, not too much though. But I still think the most important part of the style will be the ink and colour. Notice the ghost of the sketch on the page behind this one.IMG_0066

I know it’s a very late post, but I still got it posted without missing a day! Have a great weekend everyone.

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