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Dinosaur Commission

KidsAndDinoI drew this on commission. The client was given 3 separate images, 10×10 inches each, at 720 pixels per inch. The two children are his, he sent me pictures for me to use as reference. We also went back and forth a few times so that he could give feedback on how the faces looked. It really helped the final image to resemble his children. He asked for 3 pictures of his children meeting, feeding, and riding a dinosaur. I quite enjoy drawing dinosaurs… you may have guessed that from other pictures I have drawn. I scaled down the pictures to 500×500 pixels and then put them together in one image with the watermark for display here on my blog.

Images made for printing are usually done at 300 ppi, but if you have a printer capable of printing higher, then you can go higher. On the swing side of that, your computer has to be able to handle working at that resolution. My laptop had some difficulty with a 10×10 image at 720… that’s 51840000 pixels for a flat image, multiply that for each layer you are working with. Normally I would have used more layers to keep the colour/shading/highlighting for the kids and dino separate. But I kept them together because I didn’t want to push my luck and crash Painter12. As it was it took a good 60 seconds (or more) every time I wanted to save the image. That might not sound like a lot of time, but it really adds up.

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