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Annotated Archetypes

archetypes 001Trichoplax started as a game idea… so even though I may never make the version that is in my head, I always keep the requirements in mind when thinking about the story. What you see today are archetypes based on different stats that the game would use. Each should alter the form in some identifiable way, so that you can generally assume the physical strengths/weaknesses based on appearance. Two attributes are not represented in the picture because I’m not sure how I’m going to show/display them yet.

For those of you that enjoy hearing the nerdy side of this: here are my various stats…

Strength affects how much you can lift/carry/push/crush/pull etc. There is a bonus to attacks that use brute strength, like a knockout punch.

Speed allows for faster running/swimming with a bonus to attacks involving velocity, such as quick jabs and kicks.

Agility will allow for higher jumps, faster climbing, as well as a greater chance to dodge.

Durability can be thought of as ‘hit points’. I feel this needs to have a bit more of an influence somehow, but I’m not sure yet.

Armour reduces the amount of damage received when being attacked. For most stats there are sub-stats. In this case the sub-stats would allow for better resistance to different types of damage, such as heat/acid etc.

Intelligence was added mostly for the story. I thought it would be interesting story-wise if when in trichoplax form you might find it harder or easier to think/understand. I have a few ideas of how this stat might affect gameplay, but I’m not ready to elaborate on it yet.

Perception is how strong your various senses are: sight/smell/hearing/other.

Magic Capacity… (I don’t ever want to use the word ‘magic’ as a logical explanation. The onderzites treat it as a science and study/understand it like any other school of science.) This is the trichoplax’s capacity to use talismans. A trichoplax with a high capacity will be able to use many talismans simultaneously, or a few more powerful ones. A weaker trichoplax will only be able to use a few weaker talisman, and never a more powerful one.

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