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One Year

A year ago today I introduced Fat Ladybug. Excepting 4 days (Christmas, New Years, my Birthday, and yesterday when the server was down) I have posted a daily sketch every weekday for the past year. I’m pretty proud of that. Here is my sketch I did last night:

faces 006

And something for today:

spaceship 005

My star-cruisers need to have a few technologies. Artificial gravity will keep the passengers from floating around. The entire ship doesn’t need to use one big field. Each room may have several fields to optimize use of space. I had never thought about inertial dampening until “Stargate: Atlantis”. It’s used to keep your face from smacking the front window of your spaceship when you hit the brakes. You don’t really feel the acceleration from inside the ship. I will be using Faster-Than-Light engines to allow for travel between stars, but they are not super fast. It will still take months to travel from to the next star. I want space to be a natural barrier, like mountain ranges to someone on foot. Finally the Compression Field. Hyperspace is often used as a way for a ship to avoid crashing into things during a trip. Instead of taking the ship out of normal space to avoid crashes, I am compressing the ship top-to-bottom, and port-to-starboard. This packs the mass into a very long, very thin needle. The ship basically slips between the molecules of any space debris encountered… It isn’t fail safe however…


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