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AlphaNumerics 4

alphanumerics 004A bit more work on my numbers today. I am not set on all the shapes yet, but there was thought that went into several of them. I felt I needed to keep 1 as a single vertical dash. It would make the most sense for a primitive being to count using single dashes or dots… but dashes are easier to make on a somewhat hard surface via scratching. 0 is an x because if you wanted to cross out a single 1 you would put a second dash through it. 2 is a crescent because the onderzites original home planet had 2 moons… maybe. 4 represents a square that has 4 sides. 6 represents 2 fingers being raised: each finger counts as 3. Most of the others I tried several shapes to find ones that were easy and quick to draw.

I only need 4 group counters. I don’t need one for numbers under 12. I don’t need one for 60 because then it goes double digits… like 10. The marks match 1-4, sorta.

I might make a flash-based number converter for this…

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