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Seffa Trichoplax

Seffa Trichoplax 001

I have conviced Halli Lillburn to do some writing for me. Already she has helped me a load with character development. She’s asked me the right questions, and prodded me in good directions. Seffa’s character is a very good example of this. One particular aspect is that Seffa will need a musical instrument. I watched a lot of youtube videos of all kinds of unique instruments. I am in love with the sound of the hurdy gurdy (specifically the first 40 seconds of this video) I spent a bunch of time bouncing ideas around for instrument designs. During one such idea bouncing conversation with Mark (another friend of mine) I was telling him about how I wanted some kind of a string that could be played. “Oh, sorta like a cat’s cradle?” said Mark. Bingo. I love the imagery of Seffa playing with it as a game, and then being able to use it to produce sound. I have the benefit of being able to explain this using magic in the story, so it doesn’t have to actually be possible to create sound out of a piece of yarn/beads. When not in use it can be worn wrapped around her wrist. She will carry this with her in both her humanoid form and her trichoplax form. I will also be getting another friend to design a sound for this instrument. Exciting stuff!

I am still playing with her trichoplax design, but it is a design I have been tossing around for quite a while.

I drew this today on actual paper. After inking the lines I erased the pencil and then coloured it using my children’s crayons… because I couldn’t find my coloured pencils.

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