Blog Pun


ghostAt Drink and Draw we do comic jams. This means that one person will draw a panel, and anybody can pick it up and draw the next panel. Sometimes things take unexpected turns. I am responsible for more than my share of silliness.

Two months ago someone started this comic. I drew the third panel. Eric drew the fourth. (this is his way of telling me how he feels about my puns) That was as far as this comic made it that day.

However, 5 minutes after getting in my car and heading home I knew how to finish the comic. I told Eric that he was going to both love and hate the last panel. I sat on the pun for the following month. By the time the next Drink and Draw rolled around I was absolutely giddy to draw the final panel. The entire time I was drawing I was literally giggling to myself.

After all that I forgot to take a picture of it, so I had to wait another month to share it here.

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