Logo History

the Story of My Logo

On LinkedIn someone asked me about the significance of my logo. I was exceeding the 1000+ character limit and I still had more to explain. So here it is as a post.

The name came first because my creativity constantly pulls me to draw. And I love including puns: I draw my pencil to draw an image. I drew the gun so it could be drawn from the hip. What I draw will draw your attention. While doing Graphic Recording the artist must be quick, and I felt and old-west shootout would be appropriate. I also label myself as an ‘artist for hire’ so if you need me to draw/design something I will do what needs done.

There is also a personal significance:

My Grandfather’s favorite shows to watch were old westerns. Out on the ranch he definitely had the ‘cow-sense’ but he was also the kind of man with the integrity that would have made him a respected sheriff in the old west.

When I was in the 4th grade our rural school Christmas concert, the theme was “a cowboy christmas”. There was one scene where three deputies were facing off against three outlaws. I was the shortest deputy, so I was right up front stage. I didn’t have a toy gun, but Grandpa did. The night of the concert my Grandparents were halfway between Aetna and Del Bonita when they had to turn around because they forgot to grab the toy gun, but they made it in time. When it came time to draw my gun I did it exactly as I had been practicing for weeks… with no gun in had, thumb in the air and index finger forming the barrel… the entire audience laughed. I grabbed the gun to draw it for real. At the beginning of the play, in an effort to keep it from falling out of my front pocket I had shoved it in pretty good. Now I couldn’t pull it back out. More laughter from the audience. Finally I just shrugged and pointed with my finger-gun again.

For the rest of his life, Grandpa would remind me of that Christmas concert, and how he had to drive back to Aetna to get the gun, and I didn’t even use it. Instead of saying ‘hello’ we would quick-draw our finger-guns at each other and laugh.

When he passed away a few years ago the old toy gun was nowhere to be found. I bought a new one for him and tucked it in his casket, down by his hip. If he was watching from above I am certain he got a good chuckle out of it.

So there you go. My logo represents puns, aspects of what I do, and also a tribute to my Grandfather.

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