Graphic Design

J&M Business Card

Just finished this for a client. Both they and I are very happy with the design. J&M Designs is a husband/wife team. Like the card says: they make stone design crafts and metal artwork. I was also given the impression that they take groups out mineral hunting and gold panning. I learned to goldpan back in highschool and really enjoyed it. I may just have to book a day with them this summer.

For the image I started with two stock images. The bird and the sky/trees. I used Affinity Photo for image editing. I haven’t figured out how to embed a jpeg image (for non-destructive editing) so instead I save the stock images as Affinity files, and then embed those. I have a single layer of the sky image. Over that is an orange/blue gradient layer to get that sunset glow. I have two groups of layers over that. One with a high contrast (look at the top wing) fading out into a straight silhouette. (no feather details on the bottom wing) The second group is for the head, to give that area a bit better detailing. I have the sky and bird layers in a main group, and use another layer of the bird as a mask, to cut off all stuff outside the silhouette.

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