Doodles/Sketches Experiment

Apocalypse: Chaotic

Awoke from a very vivid dream. It started out calm enough, but a power within me grew. There was no control of the mutations it manifested, but the reality-bending changes kept me safe and nigh invincible. Quickly I joined the fight for good… but while I caused no death, the disruption streaming from me was… weird to the others. I was becoming an angel or god of chaos, and my apocalypse was not destruction; simply difference.

This imagery was not within the dream, but I hoped to catch some of feelings I had upon waking. A strange kind of peace within the chaos, even though I was the source of that chaos.

I love the halo made of glowing shards in a tight orbit. The face isn’t me, but there definitely is some resemblance. This feeling still calls to me, I may visit it with another drawing. For now I should go back to sleep…

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