Apocalypse: Chaotic

Awoke from a very vivid dream. It started out calm enough, but a power within me grew. There was no control of the mutations it manifested, but the reality-bending changes kept me safe and nigh invincible. Quickly I joined the fight for good… but while I caused no death, the disruption streaming from me was… weird to the others. I was becoming an angel or god of chaos, and my apocalypse was not destruction; simply difference.

This imagery was not within the dream, but I hoped to catch some of feelings I had upon waking. A strange kind of peace within the chaos, even though I was the source of that chaos.

I love the halo made of glowing shards in a tight orbit. The face isn’t me, but there definitely is some resemblance. This feeling still calls to me, I may visit it Shia in with another drawing. For now I should go back to sleep…

Affinity Test 01


I am starting to test out Affinity Designer. It sure looks like it will do what I want when it comes to creating logos and other graphic design stuff. I am not sold yet on a few other things. It is a 10 day trial, so I ‘should’ try to draw something every day until it runs out.

Manga Studio Test – Day 5


I have come to the conclusion that Manga Studio will not do shapes like I need it to. However I do really like the inking and painting, so I may end up buying the full version anyway. Here is a quick cat that I drew without penciling first. I only used one layer for the colour. Normally I have several layers: base colour, shadows, high-light, and rim-light. Instead I just used the oil paint tool and did all the colour mixing by hand.

Manga Studio Test – Day 4


Continued testing. I did finally find out how to do that thing I wanted to do yesterday… and of course I didn’t need it for todays drawing. I really am liking the editable brush strokes. I am fairly certain it will replace my inking in Painter12. The next thing I need to figure out is if I can draw shapes that can be filled in with colours and gradients. I guess that will be the next test.

Test Dinosaur


Still playing with Manga Studio.

Trying to figure out if there is a way to deform the brush using the tilt of my stylus. In painter this sort of stretches the brush out to one side with one edge becoming more dense than the other… It is odd to explain. I will tinker some more tomorrow.