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More Trees

I do a lot of characters, and not enough scenery/buildings/machines.

forest-sketchWhen sketching a scene I usually start with a thumbnail: a small doodle to get the general idea of the layout. In this case I took the thumbnail and expanded it to be much larger. What is shown here is only 20% of the full-sized picture. The thumbnail started even smaller than this. Once I scaled it up I added a few details.

forest-valuesI used a layer behind the sketch to paint in the basic values. I haven’t always done this, but it’s a habit I’m getting into.

forest-shadingMore layers were used to add shading and highlights

forest-colourFinally I used another layer to paint the colours over the values/shades/highlights. It uses the colour from the top layer and the light/dark from the layers underneath.

This took just under an hour. That included googling various trees, plants and fungi. I may choose to come back to this picture another day.