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Medicine Hat Chalk-Art Festival 2016

dinoride chalkThis last weekend I was in Medicine Hat as a featured artist in the Chalk-Art Festival.¬†I had so much fun. I will definitely go again next year. For the large piece I redrew my dinoride illustration¬†(It is still one of my favorites) on a 6×4 foot rectangle. For the artists there were sections of the road prepped with a washable paint. We had two downtown blocks closed. In between the featured artists anyone could grab a cup of chalk and start drawing whatever they wanted. Scattered nearby my feature piece I drew smaller pictures as requested by kids. Cats and elephants were in demand. I don’t know why but everyone who asked for elephants wanted them to be green.crossbow cat elephants 1 and 2 pokemon butterfly 1 dragon oshee the 3 legged cat pink n purple cheetah elephant 3 rose and butterfly 2 multitasking pig t rex