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Facial Construction

More bedtime working on this character.

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Character Development

Did a bedtime character sketch that I really liked, so I inked and coloured it. It really is time to nail down the character designs for my Trichoplax project…

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Relf Trichoplax

Refl Trichoplax 001

I went back into my sketchbooks to find this version of Relf in Trichoplax form. I will tweak it some more, but I do really like the feel of it.

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Relf Normal 001I drew Relf as a grump the other week. I redrew him a little more mellow.

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Seffa Horizon

Seffa Normal 004

Yes, yes. I know… It has been a long time.

I have been dealing with artists frustration and self-doubt. As I am working with my writers on the script I keep finding excuses to not draw. It is that nagging voice that keeps telling me “You have such a great story happening, too bad you stink at drawing. This story deserves better art than you can do.”

And you know what? Maybe that is true. But the thing is that as an artist I am going to improve forever. I will always be getting better, and I will always be seeing my own flaws and deciding what areas I need to improve. I will not, and I cannot put off Trichoplax until I am good enough to draw it, because that day will never come. Instead, I will do my best and that is just going to have to be good enough.

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Seffa Trichoplax

Seffa Trichoplax 001

I have conviced Halli Lillburn to do some writing for me. Already she has helped me a load with character development. She’s asked me the right questions, and prodded me in good directions. Seffa’s character is a very good example of this. One particular aspect is that Seffa will need a musical instrument. I watched a lot of youtube videos of all kinds of unique instruments. I am in love with the sound of the hurdy gurdy (specifically the first 40 seconds of this video) I spent a bunch of time bouncing ideas around for instrument designs. During one such idea bouncing conversation with Mark (another friend of mine) I was telling him about how I wanted some kind of a string that could be played. “Oh, sorta like a cat’s cradle?” said Mark. Bingo. I love the imagery of Seffa playing with it as a game, and then being able to use it to produce sound. I have the benefit of being able to explain this using magic in the story, so it doesn’t have to actually be possible to create sound out of a piece of yarn/beads. When not in use it can be worn wrapped around her wrist. She will carry this with her in both her humanoid form and her trichoplax form. I will also be getting another friend to design a sound for this instrument. Exciting stuff!

I am still playing with her trichoplax design, but it is a design I have been tossing around for quite a while.

I drew this today on actual paper. After inking the lines I erased the pencil and then coloured it using my children’s crayons… because I couldn’t find my coloured pencils.