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Toddler On A Dinosaur

This is a gift for my neighbours daughter. Still waiting for the local small-town printer to tell me it is ready. Posting early because I am certain they wont see it online…


Feathered Therapod

Quick drawing today. I made an oops and drew the ink on the sketch layer. I didn’t want to redo it, so this is it.

Some awesome news: Procreate can now crop and resize images!

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Dino Stack Finished

Dinosaur Stack 005Here is the final version! All said, this probably took a good 5 or six hours total. Remember: if anyone wants to pay me to draw cute dinosaurs full-time just let me know.

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Dinosaur Cute 001This guy took just under an hour to do. Any questions?

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Balanced Progression

dinosaurStay-inkedI inked the drawing from yesterday. I decided to do it more of a comic style using ink lines as opposed to the more painted style of Dinoride. You can see the saliva dripping off his tongue better now that the picture is cleaned up.

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Stay… Staaaayyyy…

dinosaurStayDinosaurs again. They are often on my mind. What niches would they occupy in todays civilization? Could they actually be trained to balance a biscuit on their nose?

This is just an initial sketch with a little shading. Being a dinosaur drawing I can almost guarantee I will come back to finish it.

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Brushing Progress 2

dinosaurBrushing.004This is about another 2 hours work on this illustration. I have finished the dinosaur. Up next: the background. The walls will look like a cave, but the shower/sink/mirror will look modern.

I definitely have dinosaurs on the brain. I had a dream about them last night. It was pretty intense. It was like revenge of Jurassic Park. It started innocent enough with a brontosaurus and little salamander-like dinosaurs. The little ones could talk for some reason. At one point I had a raptor by the tail (the new feathered version, by the way) and it was chasing me over/under a table. When I was below the table and it was on top it suddenly got eaten by a T-rex. Then I was trying to get my family into the safety of the basement while the T-rex was destroying the house.

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Brushing Progress

dinosaurBrushing.002This is about 1.5 hours worth of work. I refined my drawing on a new layer. Those are the black lines, and that layer will be removed in the final illustration. I am using multiple layers and the preserve transparency option. I’ve got the body as a single layer, the mouth/tongue as a second, the teeth as a third, the snout as a fourth, and the eyebrows as a fifth. To make the edges of layers match up (body/eyebrows/snout) I keep the ‘preserve transparency’ on, and also turn on the ‘pick up underlying colours’ option. then I smear the lower layer colours onto the upper layer. With pick up turned off, Painter picks up black from the ether, so sometimes you get black smudges near the edge of a layer when you are using preserve transparency. If you have preserve transparency turned off then it’ll pick up white. Why the difference? I have no clue.

The colours off to the side are so that I can keep returning to a specific colours and shades.

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DinoRide Finished

dinoRide.finalI have finished! I decided to keep it on a white background. This is the full-rez version, and I’m adding it to my portfolio.

100% from start to finish in Painter12 with my Intuos4 Wacom tablet.

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Have I Mentioned I Like Dinosaurs?

dinosaurScoldingNot a lot of time to draw today, so I doodled another fun dinosaur picture. You gotta watch where you leave your toys when you have a pet that chews.

As usual, I did this quick in Painter12.