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Dino Stack Finished

Dinosaur Stack 005Here is the final version! All said, this probably took a good 5 or six hours total. Remember: if anyone wants to pay me to draw cute dinosaurs full-time just let me know.

Blog Digital Paint

Dino Stack Progress 4

Dinosaur Stack 004I added the highlights and backlights, then worked on the sauropod colouring. This is definitely going to end up in my portfolio section.

Blog Digital Ink

Dino Stack Inked

Dinosaur Stack 002I spent some time working on the little dinosaur up top and didn’t get to ink right away. Colouring will just have to wait until tomorrow.

I like to listen to podcasts or music while I work. It depends on what I have available. Today was “TechStuff” from I download their episodes onto my ipod.

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Dino Stack

Dinosaur Stack 001Seriously, if anyone wants to give me full time employment to just draw dinosaurs all day, please let me know. I am already looking forward to giving this another treatment tomorrow.