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Explainer Graphics

So I’m not entirely sure what to call this. It is related to Graphic Recording, but it isn’t done “live in front of the studio audience”. Until I have an industry name for it I’m just going to call it an Explainer Graphic.

For this piece (there are two others that go with it, but I’m just posting the one for now) I met with Volunteer Lethbridge and discussed what they do as an organization. I took notes and then came home and made a rough draft. Then discussed it again with Volunteer Lethbridge. This back and forth feedback allowed us to really refine the information contained in the graphic. When we were ¬†happy with it I inked the image on regular 8.5×11 paper. After scanning it into the computer I added the dotted lines, the X and the additional text.

After delivery, the client had it printed onto those roll-up banners that you see at trade shows. They use it to help them illustrate/explain their processes to clients/partners/volunteers.

I think my favorite bit is the guy climbing over the wall.