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Slender Witch

That feeling when she gives you THE stare… you know she knows what you did… she knows that you know you are in trouble.

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Frog Progress

Frog 002-02I didn’t want to just leave this sketch. I still may tinker with him later.

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Just Chillin’

Frog 002Entirely different face style, but I really liked the frog toes from yesterday. I like to make my initial sketch on a separate layer instead of on the base layer. Painter has calls the bottom layer the canvas, and it is always opaque. Any work you do on the canvas can’t be moved around. Today is one of those days where I am working on a sketch and find I am running out of room. I wanted to move it up and scale it down to give myself room to work. That is when I realized that I had been working on the canvas and couldn’t do any moving or scaling. Luckily Painter lets you add pixels to any side of the canvas.

Blog Digital Ink Digital Paint Doodles/Sketches

Frark? Shog?

frog-sharkWhat do you get when you cross a frog and a shark? Something like this.

The idea came to me yesterday… I think. I’m actually not sure if I imagined it yesterday or it was in a dream last night. But I remembered thinking about it and decided it would be fun to draw.

I sketched him in Painter12 with my 2B sketcher variant. I did the ink with the liquid ink tool. I coloured him in with the 2B. I did a little smudging on the body colour to get the nice transition from green to blue. Then I added highlights and the shadows.