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Medicine Hat Chalk Art 2017

Medicine Hat Sunshine Chalk Art Festival. image captured by Beveridge Landmark Events

Eric Dyck and I made the trip out to Medicine Hat again this year for the Sunshine Chalk Art Festival. There were a lot of great artists there; not just the featured artists, but the participating public too! I couldn’t resist doing a cute dinosaur theme again. Last year I did a 4×6 ft square, this year I took a full 10×10 ft square. The base colour is a washable paint (tempra I believe) and we started painting Saturday morning around 9:30 when it was dry. I finished the orange and green dinos by noon, but the pink one took me all afternoon because of the heat. I had to keep taking breaks in the shade. Eric and I decided to get started nice and early the next morning so we could get at much done as possible before the sun became too unbearable. I think it was 11:00 when I finished it off the yellow dino. After that I chatted with the people that came by, and I took requests from kids. All-in-all I think everyone had a lot of fun. I know I did!

Beveridge Landmark Events captured this image from the 3rd floor of the building I was working in front of. (IG/Twitter: @thebeveridgemh FB: /beveridgelandmarkevents)