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Shockingly True Confessions Of The Habitual Doodler


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Painted Mini

Posted on Apr 29 by

Recently painted a DnD mini figurine. Really happy with how it turned out. Kinda want to do more of...


Affinity Test 01

Posted on Dec 2 by

I am starting to test out Affinity Designer. It sure looks like it will do what I want when it comes to creating logos and other graphic design stuff. I am not sold yet on a few...


Dinovember 30 2016

Posted on Nov 30 by

Corythosaurus: a genus of hadrosaur. Generally you have to deduce what an extinct animal ate by it’s anatomy… However we have a specimen that was preserved with...


Dinovember 29 2016

Posted on Nov 29 by

Guanlong: a diminutive relative of the T-rex.┬áIt had 3 long fingers on each hand instead of two. As it grew the crest on its snout grew larger. The name means “five...


Dinovember 28 2016

Posted on Nov 28 by

Psittacosaurus: a very early ceratopsian dinosaur. This genus is among the most documented of dinosaurs. This is because there are so many fossils of it that have been found....