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Manga Studio Test – Day 4

Posted on Oct 21 by

Continued testing. I did finally find out how to do that thing I wanted to do yesterday… and of course I didn’t need it for todays drawing. I really am liking the...


Manga Studio Test – Day 3

Posted on Oct 20 by

I make a quick sketch. My goal was to edit the colour of the ink lines… I decided to look it up online and promptly fell down a tutorial rabbit hole… an hour later...


Test Dinosaur

Posted on Oct 19 by

Still playing with Manga Studio. Trying to figure out if there is a way to deform the brush using the tilt of my stylus. In painter this sort of stretches the brush out to one...


Test Pumpkin

Posted on Oct 18 by

I’ve been running photoshop CS3 up until now. I would have continued to use it, but it won’t install on my new Mac. I won’t be signing up for adobe creative...


Tiger PiƱata

Posted on Oct 17 by

My daughter just recently turned 6. She asked for a tiger pinata this year. Hands down this is the paint job that I am most pleased with. (especially the face) When I do...



Posted on Oct 1 by

At Drink and Draw we do comic jams. This means that one person will draw a panel, and anybody can pick it up and draw the next panel. Sometimes things take unexpected turns. I am...