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Shockingly True Confessions Of The Habitual Doodler


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Medicine Hat Chalk-Art Festival 2016

Posted on Aug 16 by

This last weekend I was in Medicine Hat as a featured artist in the Chalk-Art Festival. I had so much fun. I will definitely go again next year. For the large piece I redrew my...


Relf Trichoplax

Posted on Jul 14 by

I went back into my sketchbooks to find this version of Relf in Trichoplax form. I will tweak it some more, but I do really like the feel of...


PUNishment 11

Posted on Jul 13 by

Thought of this one the other day and scribbled it onto a scrap of paper. I just found that paper again and drew it...



Posted on Jul 12 by

I drew Relf as a grump the other week. I redrew him a little more...


Seffa Horizon

Posted on Jul 11 by

Yes, yes. I know… It has been a long time. I have been dealing with artists frustration and self-doubt. As I am working with my writers on the script I keep finding excuses...


Seffa Trichoplax

Posted on May 26 by

I have conviced Halli Lillburn to do some writing for me. Already she has helped me a load with character development. She’s asked me the right questions, and prodded me in...