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In Memory of Cheetah

My daughters kitten died recently. This is Cheetah with her favourite toy. She would carry it around the house. If you threw it she would chase it down and maul it. I am having it printed and we will find a cute frame for...

Apocalypse: Chaotic

Awoke from a very vivid dream. It started out calm enough, but a power within me grew. There was no control of the mutations it manifested, but the reality-bending changes kept me safe and nigh invincible. Quickly I joined the fight for good... but while I caused no...

Secret Santa 2018

At work we did a semi-secret Santa gift exchange. Using elfster.com we could ask questions to find out what they like while staying anonymous. I was able to find out that they love Twighlight. So then I asked if they were team Edward or team Jacob. I had it printed on...


I drew this for @mckellogs tweets about Tango the horse.


Don't count on an ogre's stupidity. They are just clever enough to catch you in your tricks.

Final Blow

I drew this last night. Do not mess with orcish women. They won't put up with it. My favourite details: the hand holding the hammer, the back/shoulders and the twisting of the...

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